Response Services

Chadux’s oil spill response strategy is focused on the delivery of pre-packaged spill response resources to remote areas of Alaska. Resources include equipment and personnel to provide spill containment, collection, temporary storage, decontamination and waste disposal, specialized wildlife response, remote communications, and staging support. Chadux has response hubs in Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, Kodiak Island, Aleutians, Bristol Bay, Western Alaska, Northwest Arctic, and the North Slope-a total area spanning over 400,000 square miles. Chadux’s response resources are available for deployment 24 hours per day.

Chadux provides the following response services:

  • Trained response personnel (spill responders/ vessel operators/ task force leaders/ waste management specialists/ safety specialists/ staging area managers)
  • Wildlife response team and equipment (trained wildlife capture and rehab personnel/ bird hazing equipment/ bird and marine mammal capture and rehab equipment)
  • Incident management personnel (Chadux can assist in the staffing of positions within an IMT)
  • Safety resources (PPE kits and safety personnel)
  • Response boats (work skiffs/landing craft/crew support)
  • Containment equipment (harbor boom/river boom/shore seal boom)
  • Recovery equipment (skimmers and pumps)
  • Storage equipment (bladders/portable and fixed tanks)
  • Decontamination resources (decon kits and personnel)
  • Cleanup equipment (beach cleanup kits/sorbent materials)
  • Demobilization expertise and assistance
  • Exploration support

Chadux is classified as an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) in all operating environments (Offshore, Open Ocean, Nearshore, Inland, and River or Canal) by the United States Coast Guard.  We operate in both the Western Alaska and Prince William Sound Captain of the Port Zones. Chadux’s full current OSRO classification can be found here.

Chadux is also registered with State of Alaska as a Primary Response Action Contractor (PRAC) for all regions of the state. Chadux is an approved Non-Tank Vessel Cleanup Contractor (NTVCC) in all regions of the state except Southeast.

Chadux’s services are supplemented by partnerships with organizations around the state. If you work or live near one of Chadux’s hubs, and would like to learn more about partnering with Chadux, please contact Chadux’s Preparedness Manager, Chris Burns, at (907) 348-2301 or via e-mail at