Since 1993, Chadux has provided top-notch spill prevention and response services across a wide range of members, non-members, and federal and state agencies.  With 17 equipment hubs strategically placed across Alaska, Chadux can rapidly respond to any incident.

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Response Hubs

Timely response is key to minimizing environmental impacts from a spill. With 17 strategically placed equipment hubs, Chadux is positioned to quickly mobilize resources and respond. We regularly inventory and maintain all equipment in each location to ensure its response readiness.

Response Services

Chadux is classified as an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) in all operating environments (Offshore, Open Ocean, Nearshore, Inland, and River or Canal) by the United States Coast Guard.

Preparedness Services

Chadux regularly assists its members in planning for response activities. Through C-Plan review, site and equipment inspections, training, or other consultation, Chadux can help facility and vessel personnel understand their responsibilities during a pollution incident.


Chadux invests in Alaska by continually updating and maintaining its extensive equipment inventory to adequately prepare for any incident.