Preparedness Services


Chadux works closely with member company personnel to ensure that they are ready to provide effective initial response to a spill.


Chadux offers a variety of classes taught by certified instructors with experience in spill response, waste management, incident management, and wildlife handling and rehabilitation. Classes and exercises are scheduled to keep Chadux employees and contract personnel trained and response-ready. Training sessions are open to both member and non-member companies.

Maintenance and Exercises

Each year, Chadux conducts exercises in at least three of its response hubs. Most of these exercises are linked with member company facilities in those cities. Response equipment in each hub is inspected and serviced annually. Additionally, Chadux works with its members to plan, conduct, and evaluate tabletop, ICS, and deployment exercises.

Response Services

Since 1993, Chadux has provided spill response expertise and services on a 24-hour basis. With equipment hubs situated across Alaska, Chadux can rapidly respond to pollution incidents. Chadux augments its own response resources by employing partnerships with organizations across the state for equipment, personnel, and other specialty services. Chadux is classified as an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) [Nearshore, Inland, and River or Canal] in both the Western Alaska and Prince William Sound Captain of the Port Zones as well as being registered with the State of Alaska as a Primary Response Action Contractor (PRAC) and Non-Tank Vessel Cleanup Contractor (NTVCC).