Incident Archive – 2013

Pacific Producer Grouding

Date: 3/18/13

Location: Ouzinkie, Alaska

Incident Summary

Pacific ProducerOn March 18, 2013, Alaska Chadux was notified by Global Diving of the grounded fishing vessel, Pacific Producer, on the north side of Kodiak Island near the village of Ouzinkie, Alaska. Global Diving had been contracted for the salvage and lightering of the vessel. Chadux was requested to provide environmental support to mitigate any issues associated with pollution incidents during the fuel transfer. No release of product occurred and lightering was not necessary. The vessel was refloated at high tide.


Kobuk Gasoline Release

Date: 4/15/13

Location: Kobuk, Alaska

Incident Summary

Kobuk Gasoline ReleaseOn April 15, 2013, Alaska Chadux was notified by the City of Kobuk of an unleaded gasoline release within their tank farm containment. An estimate of between 50-150 gallons was provided. Chadux was mobilized on April 17 to do an initial site assessment and record benzene levels to determine if there was a risk to public safety. The site assessment indicated that the remaining fuel would not pose a risk to public safety and much of the released product will evaporate.



BBC Arizona

Date: 5/31/13

Location: Valdez, Alaska

Incident Summary

BBC Arizona boomed in ValdezOn May 31, 2013, Alaska Chadux was notified of a potential oil spill onboard the vessel BBC Arizona, moored at the container dock in Valdez, Alaska. The vessel was carrying a number 20′ containers, several of which had been leaking. On June 3, Chadux was contacted by the RPF representative at 19:30 AKDT and mobilized to respond. Heavy rains were causing oil on the vessel’s deck to be swept into the water. Chadux dispatched four response personnel to Valdez by truck at 22:00 AKDT. They arrived in Valdez on the morning of June 4 and had the BBC Arizona boomed by 7:30 AKDT, using equipment from Chadux’s Valdez hub.


Blue Pacific Response

Date: 6/12/13

Location: Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Incident Summary

On June 12, 2013, Alaska Chadux was notified by Blue North Fisheries, Inc. of a fire onboard the Longliner Blue Pacific in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The vessel was tied up at dock when the fire broke out. Firefighters extinguished the blaze. Once cleared, Chadux placed boom around the vessel to prevent potential fuel or oil leakage from contaminating the surrounding environment.


City of Galena Flooding

Date: 6/4/13

Location: Galena, Alaska

Incident Summary

GalenaOn June 4, 2013 Alaska Chadux began mobilizing for a response in the City of Galena in interior Alaska. An ice jam on the Yukon River caused massive flooding, leading to the evacuation of almost all residents and damaging or destroying a majority of homes in Galena. On June 25, a federal disaster declaration for the State of Alaska was declared by the U.S. President, allowing federal funds to assist in the rehabilitation of the community.  Chadux remained in Galena until July 1, spearheading the collection and containment of hazardous materials throughout the city.


Naknek Diesel Release

Date: 6/5/13

Location: Naknek, Alaska

Incident Summary

Naknek Diesel ReleaseOn June 5, 2013, Alaska Chadux was notified that a tank farm in Naknek had experienced a diesel spill in containment. Initial estimates were about 500 gallons. Chadux personnel worked with the Responsible Party to develop incident objectives. A team of five responders and one supervisor were mobilized to assist in the cleanup. Over the next two weeks, approximately 73 Supersacks of contaminated gravel were removed from the tank farm and additional spilled product recovered.


F/V Lone Star

Date: 6/30/13

Location: Bristol Bay, Alaska

Incident Summary

Lone StarOn June 30, 2013, Alaska Chadux was activated under the USCG BOA to respond to a sunken fishing vessel in Bristol Bay. F/V Lone Star had sunk five miles upstream from the mouth of the Igushik River. The vessel had approximately 14,000 gallons of diesel, 150 gallons of lube oil, 250 gallons of gasoline, and 150 gallons of hydraulic oil on board at the time of the incident. An initial sheen roughly four miles long was reported. To provide marine pollution response capabilities during the lightering operations of the F/V Lone Star, Chadux stationed two on-water recovery systems aboard two work vessels in the Igushik River. While lightering operations were conducted, these two vessels remained positioned to capture any spilled product.


F/V Naknek Spirit

Date: 7/6/13

Location: Whittier, Alaska

Incident Summary

On July 6, 2013, Alaska Chadux was activated to respond to a fishing vessel that ran aground six miles outside Whittier in Passage Canal. F/V Naknek Spirit reported 500 gallons of diesel spilled. The vessel owner hired Chadux to remove the pollution threat and mitigate the impact of spilled fuel. Three response personnel were dispatched to the scene. They were able to return home the same evening after securing the incident.


F/V Fate Hunter

Date: 8/11/13

Location: Prince William Sound, Alaska

Incident Summary

Fate HunterOn August 11, 2013 Alaska Chadux was notified that F/V Fate Hunter had run aground seven miles west of the Port of Valdez. Initial estimates put 1,500 gallons of diesel fuel, 300 gallons of hydraulic oil, and 100 gallons of lube oil at risk of spilling.  Chadux mobilized from Whittier in the Chadux Responder and encircled the grounded vessel with fast water  boom. During the lightering operations, additional fuel was spilled. Chadux employed a fuzzy drum skimmer and recovered it successfully.