Incident Archive – 2010


Adak Island Tank Farm Release

Date: 1/11/2010

Location: Adak, Alaska

Incident Summary

Adak Tank Farm ReleaseOn the evening of January 11, 2010, Alaska Chadux was mobilized by Aleut Enterprises, LLC to respond to a jet fuel spill that occurred during a fuel transfer to the Adak tank farm.  An estimated 140,000 gallons of jet fuel vented from the fuel tank and followed a stream down to the small boat harbor.  Chadux chartered a Dash-8 aircraft and mobilized a team of responders including an operations officer (field), a task force leader, and four PENCO responders.  Along with 9 Trident responders (hired by Aleut Enterprises), Chadux led the recovery of spilled material from the stream bed and the small boat harbor, maintained containment boom, and decontaminated oiled equipment and vessels.  In Anchorage, Chadux personnel supplemented the incident management team and staffed the positions of Site Safety Officer, Planning Section Chief, and, after 3 days, Logistics Section Chief.  For approximately one month, Chadux and contractor personnel continued clean up and monitoring operations and burned oiled solid materials in Smart Ash burners.  By February 18, Chadux had demobilized all employees from the field and Chadux equipment returned to Anchorage by March 24.  PENCO personnel remained on-site in a monitoring role and on March 25, that contract was turned over to the Aleut Corporation.



F/V Dynasty Booming

Date: 1/21/2010

Location: Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Incident Summary

On the afternoon of January 21, 2010, Alaska Chadux was mobilized by American Seafoods to perform preventative booming of the F/V Dynasty.  The vessel had a damaged internal fuel tank, but no fuel was released to the water.  Jay Brost worked with Chadux member company North Pacific Fuel to mobilize boom, anchors, and a work skiff.  American Seafoods personnel assisted with the boom deployment and the vessel was encircled by evening.  Chadux and contract personnel maintained the boom until it was returned to storage on January 25.


Eagle Otome Response

Date: 1/24/2010

Location: Port Arthur, Texas

Incident Summary

Eagle OtomeAlaska Chadux was requested to provide support for the Eagle Otome response out of Port Arthur, Texas.  Pete Pritchard, Chadux’s operations supervisor, was mobilized on January 24, 2010 and served in several operational roles on the response before returning to Alaska on February 11.  No Chadux equipment was deployed during this response.







USCG Cutter Munro Booming

Date: 2/12/2010

Location: Unalaska, Alaska

Incident Summary

On February 12, 2010, Alaska Chadux personnel in Unalaska were requested to boom the USCG cutter Munro which had a small hydraulic leak from a bow thruster.  Jay Brost, along with contract personnel, boomed the vessel and maintained the boom while repairs were made.  All Chadux resources were released on February 17.


Deepwater Horizon

Date: 5/12/2010

Location: Gulf of Mexico

Incident Summary

Deepwater HorizonAlaska Chadux supported the Deepwater Horizon spill response by supplying both equipment and personnel.  Since May 12, a Chadux response technician has served as the Group Supervisor for Task Force 700, a collection of vessels tasked with recovering oil in the offshore environment.  Additionally, Chadux provided five disc skimmers with powerpacks to support the response.




F/V Copacetic

Date: 6/17/2010

Location: Valdez, Alaska

Incident Summary

On June 17, 2010, Alaska Chadux was mobilized by the USCG to respond to the F/V Copacetic, a fishing vessel that had gone aground near Valdez.  Chadux mobilized a response supervisor and four responders and chartered an aircraft to fly to Valdez.  A response vessel in Valdez was identified and secured.  Personnel from Valdez Petroleum Terminal began loading Chadux response equipment onto the vessel when the response was cancelled.  Chadux personnel returned to Anchorage the same day.


Naknek Pipeline Release

Date: 12/27/2010

Location: Naknek, Alaska

Incident Summary

Naknek Pipeline Release On December 27, 2010, Alaska Chadux was mobilized by Delta Western  to respond to a diesel spill at their Naknek tank farm.  An unknown amount of fuel escaped from a leaking gasket and contaminated snow and vegetation over approximately 1,800 square feet.  Chadux mobilized a field supervisor and 5 response personnel and arranged for equipment to be transported to Naknek.  Chadux responders delineated the spill site and removed approximately 7.3 cubic yards of snow and 23 bags of vegetation.  The collected snow was melted in fish totes and recovered fluids drummed for storage.  All personnel returned to Anchorage on December 30.





Unalaska Hub Exercise

Date: 5/21/2010

Location: Unalaska, Alaska

Exercise Summary

On May 21, 2010, Alaska Chadux conducted an 8 hour HAZWOPER refresher and its triennial hub exercise for Unalaska, Alaska with assistance from the City of Unalaska, Delta Western, North Pacific Fuels, Offshore Systems, Inc., and Unisea Seafoods.  The primary purpose of the exercise was to test the Geographic Response Strategies AK PPP 02 and AK PPP 03 that are designed to protect the seawater intakes at the Unisea and Alyeska Seafood processing plants.  In examining the draft GRS documents, it was determined that blocking off the South and East Channels to the IliuliukHarbor would not be workable due to tidal action and winds.  The decision was made to focus on protecting the area right around the seawater intake for the Unisea facility.  Chadux personnel and class participants set up a Fast Tank, a weir skimmer, and a Vikoma disc skimmer and were briefed on their operation.  Six hundred feet of harbor boom was deployed from Unisea’s pier and anchored to create a “box” around a water intake.  Response skiffs from Delta Western and North Pacific Fuels deployed and maintained the boom.


Red Dog Mine Deployment

Date: 7/26/2010

Location: Red Dog Mine

Exercise Summary

On July 26, 2010, two Chadux supervisors and four contract personnel worked with Red Dog Mine personnel to provide containment booming for the tank farm refueling operation.  The Chadux response team worked round the clock to boom the fueling barge and maintain the boom during normal port operations.



Date: 9/08/2010

Location: Whittier, Alaska

Exercise Summary

On September 8, 2010, Alaska Chadux conducted its triennial hub exercise for Whittier, Alaska using our newest response vessel, the Chadux Responder, and Boat #8.  The exercise was intended to continue the break-in process on the Chadux Responder and to set up the boom arm rigging.  The Chadux Responder operated independently with the boom arm and a small containment pocket deployed and then the two vessels worked together to implement and maintain a J-boom collection pocket (STAR Manual Tactic B-4).  Response personnel deployed a drum skimmer in the boom pocket to simulate oil recovery.



Date: 9/10/2010

Location: Barrow, Alaska

Exercise Summary

On September 10, 2010, Alaska Chadux conducted its triennial hub exercise for Barrow, Alaska with assistance from the North Slope Borough, OES, and Umiaq Corporation.  Since Alaska Chadux only maintains a small hub in Barrow and has no boom, skimmers, or powered equipment at that location, the actual exercise was conducted in Wainwright, Alaska.  The intent was to train local personnel on basic response techniques, familiarize them with locally available equipment, and inventory the equipment at the Wainwright tank farm.  The exercise was conducted in the lagoon and personnel anchored 300’ of harbor boom to create a containment “box” at the shore.  Several types of skimmers were set up and operated and all equipment was rinsed and returned to the storage connexes.