Incident Archive – 2007

Kivilina ActivationKivilina Activation

Date: 1/10/2007

Location: Kivilina, Alaska

Incident Summary

In December of 2006, Chadux began working with the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC) to stage spill response equipment at the AVEC facility in Kivilina, Alaska. Beach erosion from winter storms were threatening the power plant tank farm and the United States Coast Guard had requested that containment and recovery equipment be made locally available to respond to any fuel releases. Chadux packaged, shipped, and staged two 20 foot connex boxes of equipment (containment boom, skimmers, pumps, temporary storage, and PPE).

F/V Time Bandit

Date: 4/6/2007

Location: Homer, Alaska

Incident Summary

At the conclusion of the SERVS Homer Fishing Vessel Training on April 6, an observer for ADEC noted a sheen in the Homer small boat harbor. He traced the source of the spill to a crab boat, the F/V Time Bandit. The skipper of the vessel was able to secure a contract with Chadux and Chadux’s response personnel in Homer began to contain and collect the spilled material with sorbent boom and pads. Sorbent boom was left in place overnight and the next morning all materials were bagged and given to the owner for disposal.

Port of Anchorage Mystery SpillPort of Anchorage Mystery Spill

Date: 4/8/2007

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Incident Summary

Chadux personnel responded to a reported petroleum release on Alaska Rail Road property at the Port of Anchorage. The spill was discovered by USCG personnel and appeared to be coming from an outflow on the shore near the Coast Guard dock. Four Chadux personnel responded and worked with the AK RR and Tesoro representatives to determine the type of spilled material and confirm its source. No response was possible due to the poor terrain at low tide and ice conditions in the inlet.

F/V Tradition ResponseF/V Tradition Response

Date: 5/17/2007

Location: Whittier, Alaska

Incident Summary

On May 17, 2007, Chadux was contacted by a vessel representative for the F/V Tradition. The vessel had rolled while tied to the DeLong Dock in Whittier and was leaking diesel fuel and engine oils. The crew initially encircled the sunken vessel with ADEC containment boom and the USCG added a second layer of containment boom.

Chadux initially responded on Thursday afternoon with a response supervisor, a task force leader, and 3 contracted response personnel. As the spill site was boomed, the focus was shifted to recovery- three skimmers and associated pumps, four Fast tanks, and secondary containment for temporary storage were sent to the site and deployed. By Saturday, an additional 5 response personnel, an expeditor, a night shift supervisor, 1000 feet of boom, an additional skimmer, a Chadux work boat, and decon kits were delivered to Whittier. A 30 cubic yard, lined dumpster was contracted for solid waste disposal. Recovery and debris decontamination operations continued until the vessel was refloated on Tuesday, May 22. The response crew in Whittier was shifted to Chadux offices in Anchorage to begin the demobilization and clean up of response resources. Final demobilization occurred on June 5.

F/V Nordic Viking ResponseF/V Nordic Viking Response

Date: 7/22/2007

Location: Prince William Sound, Alaska

Incident Summary

On July 22, 2007 Chadux was activated by the vessel owner to respond the grounding of a 130 foot tender vessel the F/V Nordic Viking. The Nordic Viking ran aground at the mouth of Olson Bay in Prince William Sound and damaged a diesel tank containing 3,500 gallons of diesel fuel. The RP requested assistance with containing and controlling the spilled product and lightering the damaged vessel. Chadux sent five response personnel (1 task force leader, 2 supervisors/ boat operators and 2 responders) to Cordova to mobilize equipment. Three 32’ bowpickers, one 58’ tender vessel, and one 93’ landing craft were contracted to support the response.

Additionally, Chadux used two 249 barrel mini-barges, a peristaltic pumping system, and a skimming system acquired from SERVS. Initial containment was in place 12 hours after notification and the response team then assisted with lightering and salvage operations until demobilization on 7/31.