Incident Archive – 2015

Port Moller Site Assessment

Date: 1/14/2015

Location: Port Moller, Alaska

Incident Summary

Chadux personnel provided a site assessment for personnel at a tank farm who discovered a discrepancy in their product inventory.  Using PIDs, a Chadux team was able to delineate an area of hydrocarbon contamination outside the tank farm containment.  No recoverable product was found.

CEM Harbor Response

Date: 3/8/2015

Location: Unalaska, Alaska

Incident Summary

Chadux personnel responded to a diesel release from a fishing vessel moored in the Carl E Moses small boat harbor.  Using sorbent materials, Chadux responders were able to remove recoverable product and decon contaminated vessel hulls.

Thor’s Hammer Fuel Release

Date: 5/23/2015

Location: Cook Inlet, AlaskaThorsHammer

Incident Summary

On 23 May, 2015, Chadux was notified that the 120 foot landing craft Thor’s Hammer suffered a fuel release from a tanker trailer that it was transporting. An estimated 6,000 gallons of number 1 diesel fuel spilled from the punctured tanker onto the deck while 3,000 gallons of fuel remained in the tanker. Chadux worked with the USCG to mitigate the pollution hazard. A team of 3 were sent to Port Graham to mobilize local response resources. Once in Port Graham the team boomed off the local fish hatchery as a precautionary measure. Later, 2 members of the Chadux team, along with USCG reps from MSD Anchorage and the USCG cutter Mustang, boarded the Thors Hammer to assess the situation and recommended techniques for a more stable patch for the ruptured tanker. The vessel was then escorted to Seldovia where the Chadux team transferred the remaining fuel to secure storage.  Chadux worked with local response crews to boom off the vessel while it was in Seldovia.

Samson Tug Spill

Date: 7/16/2015

Location: Unalaska, AlaskaTugSpill

Incident Summary

During a transfer of used engine oil a Samson tug in the Carl E Moses small boat harbor suffered a discharge from the holding tank.  Chadux personnel were able to boom off the vessel quickly to contain the spilled material and then worked with the tug crew to recover product from the water and decon the deck and hull of the vessel.