Alaska Chadux Corporation (Chadux)

Alaska Chadux Corporation (Chadux) is a member-funded, 501(c)(4) not-for-profit oil spill response organization headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska. Chadux is classified as an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) by the US Coast Guard and registered as Primary Response Action Contractor (PRAC), and a Non-tank Vessel Cleanup Contractor (NTVCC) with the State of Alaska.

Chadux’s staff comes from diverse professional backgrounds, including the oil industry, the USCG, wildland fire management, and emergency management.

The word “chadux” is derived from the Aleut word for whale blubber. Over time, the word evolved to refer to fuel, and presently it refers to oil. To learn more about the Aleut origins of Chadux, download the mp3 at the bottom of the menu bar. Chadux wishes to thank Archpriest Paul Merculief for his assistance in creating this audio clip.

Chadux provides resources to contain, control, and clean up petroleum spills. The headquarters and warehouse, located in Anchorage, has resources packaged for rapid transport via land, water, or air. Chadux has additional equipment hubs in strategic locations, including:

In addition to response equipment, Chadux can provide incident management personnel, emergency response laborers, and wildlife hazing and capture personnel. Chadux also assists its members to prepare for spills by providing planning and training services.


The following summarizes coverage requirements for tank vessels and non-tank vessels (NTV) operating in the region around Alaska.

Tank Vessels: Tank vessels, not in innocent passage through federal waters, must meet several requirements:

  1. If the vessel will not be operating in state waters, (i.e. lightering outside of 3 n.m or transiting through the Aleutians for example), then the vessel simply needs to subscribe (download form here) to Chadux’s response services, or;
  2. If the vessel is operating in state of Alaska waters (3 nautical miles from shore), the operator or charterer must either (a) become a member of the Alaska Chadux Corporation and nominate the storage capacity of the vessel or (b) have an existing Chadux member nominate the vessel’s storage capacity.
  3. In either case, enroll in the Tank Vessel Alternate Planning Criteria (APC) with the Alaska Maritime Prevention and Response Network (NETWORK).


Non-tank Vessels: NTVs, not in innocent passage through federal waters, can meet VRP compliance requirements by enrolling in the Non-tank vessel APC through the NETWORK. No additional arrangement is required with Chadux; the APC with the NETWORK includes access to Chadux’s response resources.  Note that coverage through the NETWORK provides compliance in all regions of Alaska where Chadux operates including Western Alaska and the Aleutians.  If operating in Alaskan waters (making a port call for instance), an NTV must also sign up for Chadux state NTV coverage by either (a) registering through a response plan facilitator (RPF), or (b) having an approved state oil spill contingency plan (ODPCP) and joining Chadux as an Associate Member.


Chadux's mission is to be Alaska's responder of choice, ready to protect Alaska's environment in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.